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Welcome to the Wheat Ridge Water District.  It has been our pleasure to serve you since 1939 with water purchased from Denver Water.   We serve most of the area of Wheat Ridge east of Independence Court,  the City of Mountain View, the Town of Lakeside and the portion of Arvada south of I-70. We have approximately 5,890 customers.

To our Wheat Ridge Water District Customers:

You will most likely see some activity on your street, on the meter in your yard, or across our District, in the coming months.

Contractors, (Utility Metering Solutions), working for the Wheat Ridge Water District will implement an advanced metering infrastructure (AMR) system for our water utilities.  We will start our project on October 14, 2019 and expect this project to be completed in early Spring 2020.

We are updating our water metering equipment across our entire service area. The project includes enhancing every residential and commercial water meter with new, state-of-the art radio transmitters for each meter.

You will see technicians from UMS (Utility Metering Solutions) at your meter pits, working on this project. The uniformed UMS technicians and labeled trucks should be easy to identify.

The Wheat Ridge Water District and Utility Metering Solutions team thank you for your cooperation in making this a successful program. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Wheat Ridge Water District office at (303) 424-2844



Time in Wheat Ridge
Now is the time to prepare for cold weather.
  Visit our Cold Weather tips tab for information about preparing for and handling cold weather. 

In case of Emergency:  (such as a main break, major water leaks or water service outages)
please call  303-424-2844  (during office hours)
After hours and weekends, for emergencies, please call: