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$2.95 with a maximum of $220.00  per transaction. Balances over $220.00 will require multiple credit/debit transactions at a fee of $2.95 per each transaction.
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Summer Watering Rules are in effect from May 1, 2021 to October 1, 2021. Please see our Summer Watering Rules tab for more information.

Welcome to the Wheat Ridge Water District.  It has been our pleasure to serve you since 1939 with water purchased from Denver Water.   We serve most of the area of Wheat Ridge east of Independence Court, the City of Mountain View, the Town of Lakeside and the area of Wheat Ridge south of I-70 between Carr and Garrison. We have approximately 5,890 customers.


The Wheat Ridge Water District will open to the public on Monday May 12, 2021. We ask that all customers that enter the building wear a mask and follow social distancing guidelines. We look forward to seeing you again! 

In case of Emergency:  (such as a main break, major water leaks or water service outages)
please call  303-424-2844  (during office hours)
After hours and weekends, for emergencies, please call: 

Cold and Snow are upon us!
Visit our Cold Weather Tips tab for tips and more information